—a millennial, middle child, Pisces and social media expert living in Los Angeles.


b. 1986, HK.

Failed child star, successful 20-something.

Failed child star, successful 20-something.

"Whatever, Alexis..." - My mom

"What is wrong with you? You are SICK." -Molly McAleer

"omg u ARE a sassy black diva!" -Andy Cohen

"You have such a beautiful voice, you should do voiceover work." -My landlord

"Wow you have perfect eyebrows." - Literally 



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I was born in Los Angeles and raised in it and the surrounding areas- but that doesn't mean you should ask me for directions. You can, however, ask me to show you my star-studded copy of the Ribet Academy yearbook from '95 or where to get the best tacos at any given time. 

I attended California State University Northridge where I studied Journalism with an emphasis in PR. There, I studied abroad for a year in the South of France and interned for DDA PR during the Cannes Film Festival (where I got yelled at by Harvey Weinstein which was terrifying; and met Ryan Gosling which was not only not terrifying, but also in the top 5 things that will probably ever happen to me). 

After that, I interned with Chic Little Devil PR, where I mostly looked up journalists to harass on Cision but also stared at paparazzi photos of Demi Lovato to see if she wore the jewelry we sent her. (She didn’t.) After I graduated, I was a personal assistant for an executive producer from Sri Lanka. While working for him, I did everything from rolling calls and filing to scheduling appointments and managing his calendar. I also wrote PR materials for a film camp he ran for Sri Lankan youths every summer as well as some housesitting (read: dog walking and HBO Go-watching). 

After a brief stint as an assistant publicist at an entertainment PR firm in Sherman Oaks that wasn’t a good fit for me, I hopped on a bike and rode it 545 miles from SF to LA to raise awareness for those affected by HIV/AIDS. 

After that, PR and Social Media for my friend’s clothing line, Made in Hell-A. If it sounds familiar, that’s because our “Dries Please” tee is almost sold out on your site! I mostly focus on tweeting funny pictures and thinking of clever things we can post on Instagram, but most recently, after a recent Praduh sighting on Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams' Twitter, I’ve shifted my focus to celebrity outreach and placement. 

As you could probably tell from my 43K+ tweets, I've been doing Social Media for a while. I’m a really fast typer and an even faster learner. Other things I’m really good at include: giving relationship advice (three-time Gossip Girl watcher/avid Deepak reader here) , organizing, judging people based on their astrological signs (rising sign required), recommending skin care routines, getting to work on time and being a team player. 

I'm also hella good at being a middle child, which comes in handy a lot more than most people think it would. 

On top of all this, I'm writing a book! You can learn more about #Girlblack on the official website here, and donate to the Patreon here

But enough about me—this is about you, and why you should contact me for any social media services you might need.